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Thank You

Thank You to all of our patrons and our staff members. Our stores were awarded with cleanliness plaques this year due to the outstanding results from each survey last year.

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Various Locations, Full Time - Permanent
Store Manager
Various Locations, Full Time - Permanent

Welcome Warsaw, Indiana To The Pride C Family!

We would like to welcome Warsaw, Indiana to the Pride C Family. Although it will take some time to finish our planned remodel, we hope to have this store finalized and ready for showtime by the 4th quarter.

Whats To Come:

  • 15 New Jobs for Warsaw and Surrounding Locals
  • Newly Renovated Facilities
  • 12 Gas Pumps
  • 24 Hour Convenience Store

What others say about us

Rarely do IT professionals find a gas station that we prefer. After working with Pride C and seeing how respectful the staff are on a daily basis, I find myself going to their family of stores more often than not. I grew up in a small town so Pride C hit home with me because of their friendly nature with every visit.

Conner LippOwnerContinuum Technology Group